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Sunny Lee

November 30, 1947 - October 02, 2022

Sunny Lee passed away peacefully on October 02, 2022, at home surrounded by her immediate family.


She is survived by her loving husband, Hank, and two daughters Tammy and Candace; grandchildren August Zander, Everest Zander, Leo Ben and Romy Ben.


Sunny was a dedicated wife, mother, and loving grandmother to her grandchildren.  Hank and Sunny’s 50th anniversary would have been on December 22, 2022.


Sunny enjoyed and devoted her time to gardening and planting flowers around her house almost every day. She also diligently devoted her time to her church parish work as much as possible.


We thank her for her dedication, love, kindness, and devotion. She will live on in our hearts and we will miss her forever.

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